Flourishing are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness

February 19, 2018

We look today at the 4th Beatitude, traditionally read as "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness". What does it mean to hunger and thirst? And what is righteousness? What does it mean to be filled? And how does that help us move out of the closet into the world?


Flourishing are the Humble

February 12, 2018

Today we connect the Beatitude "Flourishing are the humble, because they will inherit the earth" with Psalm 37. Jesus most likely directly quoted Psalm 37:11 when He spoke this Beatitude. And the humility called for is a humility born in a situation where it looks like evil has won the day.


#metoo and the Christian Community

February 5, 2018

Today we discuss the avalanche of sexual abuse (proven) accusations of the last months. We read John 7:53-8:11, a classic story of sexual abuse of the Harvey Weinstein/Larry Nassar caliber. What does the Bible teach us about how we should treat each other? We do not avoid asking ourselves the hard questions. For a visual portrayal of a piece of the story recorded in John, which was used in the sermon, click here.


Flourishing are the Mourners

January 31, 2018

Today we are on the 2nd Beatitude: Flourishing are the Mourners, because they shall be comforted. The second video, the Greek couple who help refugees, is subtitled. You can see it here.


Flourishing are the Poor in Spirit

January 22, 2018

Today we look at the first Beatitude, using Pennington's translation: "Flourishing are the poor in spirit, because the kingdom of heaven is theirs." And we spend time talking about how, in God's economy, it is in the crucible of struggle that we can flourish.



Introduction to the Beatitudes

January 15, 2018

Today we begin our series on the Beatitudes with an introduction: into what context were these words spoken, and what can we learn from that context that will sharpen our understanding of them?


Has He Really Come?

January 7, 2018

John wonders whether the Messiah has really come. Do you sometimes wonder if He has really come?


Perspective for 2018

January 7, 2018

Gain a perspective for 2018 from Psalm 8.


John’s Prophecy Comes True

December 28, 2017

We read today from John 1:1-8. We combine the last Sunday of Advent with the Christmas story.

Today we talk about John's assertion that we are not alone in the universe - in Jesus God's space has touched our space, and that we know that has happened because we see grace and truth around us.


Advent is Adventure

December 14, 2017

Mark 1:1-8 speaks of the beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ. He speaks of an adventure, a word which is related to the word "advent". With Advent we embark on the adventure of understadning and participating in the Good News.